29th May 2015

Another Brilliant Buttermere Bash, lovely people, great music, great fun. Massive thanks to Gordie and the team at  Air Ventures for all the hard work in organizing and managing what has to be the best event in the Lake District Calendar. Also, special thanks to Jet Boot Bob for providing Buttermere with a world first “Jet powered SUP”.


Kids Open Sprint Competition


1st Sam Wilson (age 10)

2nd Archie Thurrell (age 11) 

3rd Joel Smeaton (age 12)

A well contested race with a gripping finale as Archie Thurrell fell a meter short of the finish line, with Joel Smeaton closing fast. Archie’s unorthodox prone sprint finish gained him a well deserved silver.Other paddlers who deserve mention are Fintan Hedley age 9 and Louis Bell age 8. Both boys competing in their first SUP race and both man enough take on the ice cold waters of Buttermere without wet suits. The Razzetti brothers Elwood and Ruben both names to watch out for in the future and Joshua Lane age 7, showing some serious paddling potential as he skillfully handled his massive 10’6” board into a strong head wind. 


1st Poppy Dooley (age 12)

2nd Elise Wilson (age 9)

3rd Charlie Jones (age 8)

Another great race dominated from the start by Poppy Dooley with Elise Wilson putting in a late challenge on the now quite windy course. The girls competition also highlighted some very talented young paddlers. Katie Oliver age 6 gave an impressive performance as did Megan Simpson age 7. Charley Jones and Caitlin Johnson who went on to get a well deserved Bronze medal in the pairs competition also performed brilliantly in their first competition. 


1st Archie Thurrell and Sam Wilson

2nd Max Thurrell and Ellwood Razzetti

3rd Fintan Hedley and Louis Bell


1st Elise Wilson and Poppy Dooley

2nd Katie Oliver and Megan Simpson

3rd Charley Jones and Caitlin Johnson




1st Tim Green 

2nd Paul Simpson (AKA Simi)

3rd Dan Short 


1st Jo Hedley

A great race with plenty entertainment for the crowd as local sponsored paddler Tim Green (who was supposed to be resting for the endurance event) was pressured in to competing by the crowd.  He went on to give an impressive performance in shorts and flip flops to take Gold, robbing the power house that is Simi of an expected gold. Visiting Yorkshire paddler Dan Short brought a bit of Jedi force with him, clearly Yoda riding on his back was not enough so a quick  smoke on his pipe he cruised over the finish line to a well deserved 3rd. 


1st Tim Green 

2nd Fraser Dooley

3rd Joe Pester 

Great work by all participants in the Buttermere Bash Endurance event. Conditions could only be described as harsh with very low temperatures driving wind and intermittent heavy rain. Only the strong survived, respect to all that took part. see you all next year..